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:: The Boys' Knotty Summer :: This story has illustrations
This long narrative builds up to make for one of the best and most entertaining tales of tie-up games ever told. The true TUG lover will be thrilled by every single twist in the plot. And there are many.

:: Quite a Boarding School! ::    New! - 13/09
Boys at Saint Sebastian enjoy some knotty fun all year long!

:: Sam's Saga ::  
In this series, Barefoot Guy tells us about the strange relationship between Sam and Jonah.

:: Cody's tie-up adventures ::   This story has illustrations
An unfortunate encounter in the woods, a naughty little brother, adventures galore.

:: Various Stories ::   
Dares and bets, and various tie-up adventures with the gang.

:: How I Got Into It ::     
What does R.O.P.E. stand for? Find out about what type of games they play.

:: Rope Float ::   
A boat, three boys and rope.

:: Scouting adventures ::   
Richard showed up to prove scouts don't use their knot expertise only to earn badges, and provided us with one of the best-written, most interesting and captivating TuGs narratives to reach the WWW.

:: TuGs in the 60's::   
Enjoy the most profilic TuGswriter's anecdotes involving his band vs. his brother's in the good ol' days.

:: PH's Tie-Up Games::     Stories available in German!  
A very neat set of stories featuring TuGs with friends...

:: The Adventures of Simon::    This story has illustrations
Not exactly TuGs, but the adventures of the bravest red-haired escape artist ever.

:: The Champion::   
A fabulous tale of boys entrusted with superpowers heading off to rescue the classic Guy In Distress from evil monsters.

:: Various Tugstories::    This story has illustrations
Several fabulously written tales with equally fabulous illustrations that portray the clashing spirit of TuGs.

:: Edo's captured lads::    This story has illustrations  Stories available in Spanish!  Stories available in German! 
Boys captured and bound - what have they done to deserve it? Edo always finds a reason.

:: The Great Contest::    
What if you could convince your school to let you form a TuGs club?

:: The Longest Week of my Life::    New! - 13/09
Spending a week of the summer vacations sometimes means freedom. Not when you're surrounded with crazy TuGGers, though!

:: Brothers in TuGs ::   
Finding out your very best friends are into TuGs just as much as you are can provide the perfect atmosphere for endless intense TuGs.

:: Other stories ::  
Other stories of interest for our fine readers.